Hand County Recruitment Program

On Hand Development is excited to announce our brand-new Hand County Recruitment Program. Economic Development has set aside $15,000 for new talent to our community. We are offering an incentive package for new employees that is worth up to $2,000 per employee!! 

How does it work? Click here for details.
You need to be talking to On Hand (605) 853-3098 because this program is a first come, first served basis. 

Here are few questions and answers to help: 

What businesses are eligible to use the recruitment program?
Answer- ANY business in Hand County hiring Full-Time employees. 

How much is the allowance for the employee? 
Answer- On Hand Development will match any amount up to $750. So the business would pay the employee $750 and Economic Development would pay the employee $750 for a total of $1500. If $750 is too much, you tell us what you want to match. No minimum. 

What are the requirements for the employee for the relocation allowance?
1.) Stay employed with the employer's business for one year
2.) Hired as a full-time employee 

What happens if the employee doesn’t stay for a year?
Answer- The employee shall repay the described relocation allowance in full to the employer. The employer then reimburses On Hand Development Corporation for their portion. 

Can I use this program for more than one employee? 
Answer- Heck yes. We want you to grow your business. The funds set aside for this program on a first come, first served basis. 

How do I start? More Questions? 
Answer- Call (605) 853-3098