Where did August go?

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Does anyone else feel like August flew by? Megan and I were talking and realized August is long gone. So, where did August go?

I think we feel this way because we had a crazy, busy month… Megan was busy working with brides on upcoming weddings and coaches on upcoming basketball schedules, Megan also is working on a new and exciting fundraiser for the Community Center (more on that later), I helped organize the Career Here Event, I worked with new business owners on ideas and resources to help them get started, we have a sale pending on Sommers Bar, our daily paperwork and bills, I attended 2 learning opportunities for my upcoming classes with Leadership South Dakota, started a new loan in our revolving loan fund, I submitted our grant application for the infrastructure for the potential new housing development, and I had 22 business visits in Hand County.

I can’t write an article on everything we have done here at On Hand in August, but I can tell you some of our highlights. Megan has been busy booking the center for the 2022 and 2023 wedding and practice season. To date, she has four big weddings booked for 2023. So, if you are looking to book a wedding for 2023, you better give her a call.

The Career Here Event is sneaking up on us again. We had over 300 students from Redfield, Miller, Hitchcock/Tulare, Northwestern, and Wolsey/Wessington. 75% of the students that took our survey said they would come back to live and work if there was an opportunity available for them in our region. This month we scheduled, talked to businesses about attending, and worked out details for the upcoming event. We had the Miller business community represented last year and I hope to get more businesses to participate this year.

On Hand Development had some exciting developments with housing in August. We closed on the land to the east of the Miller School District. On Hand also applied for some grant funding to get infrastructure to that property and hope to get 12 lots for sale sometime in 2023. Lots more information on this coming soon.

I am scheduling business visits daily and making my way to every business in Hand County. In August, I caught up with 22. If I haven’t visited your businesses yet and you have something you need to talk about, please call me and we will set something up immediately. I can’t help you if I don’t know.

At these business visits, I help current business owners with resources, hiring, promotional efforts, plans, and succession planning. We had 6 business (that I know about) change hands in the month of August. A lot of my time in August was visiting with new and past owners about plans. If you are thinking about selling your business, please call me before you decide to just close the door on our community. It makes it so much harder to help when the door is already closed.

So, where did August go? It went to the Miller Community Center, the Career Here Event, businesses in Hand County, housing,  Sommers Bar, a potential new business in the area, and finalizing a grant. Bring on September and the projects to come.  

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