Small Town. Big Idea.

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Small Town. Big Idea.

Do you have a BIG idea for a new business but often think… that will never work in a small town like Miller? I hear that a lot and I disagree. There is no idea too big for our small town.

main streetA small town can offer all sorts of advantages for an entrepreneur. In many cases, it’s even better than the big city. Small towns are a great place for local entrepreneurs to start businesses that will thrive. As long as you know your community and your market, there’s no reason you can’t make your big idea work in a small town and in a small town it’s a lot easier to know your community and your market.

Think of some of the big ideas that have worked in Miller… what does it take to make those big ideas work? It takes an entrepreneur who has these qualities:

  • Self-Motivation- When you want to succeed, you need to be able to push yourself. You need to be dedicated to your plan and keep moving forward.
  • Understand what you offer- Whether it’s a product or a service, you need to know where you fit in.
  • Take Risks- Successful entrepreneurs know that sometimes it’s important to take risks. Playing it safe almost never leads to success as a business owner. Understanding calculated risks that are more likely to pay off is an important part of being an entrepreneur.
  • Know how to network- Being able to connect with others and recognize partnership opportunities can take you a long way as a business owner.
  • Basic Money Management Skills- Understand how money works so that you know where you stand, and so that you run your business on sound principles.
  • Flexibility- Be willing to change as needed. You want to be able find unique and effective solutions to issues.
  • Passion- successful entrepreneurs are passionate. They feel deeply about their product or service or mission. Passion is what will help you find motivation when you are discouraged and it will drive your forward. Passion is fuel for successful entrepreneurship. If you find yourself losing your passion, that might be the clue that it’s time to move on to something else (that stokes your passion). There are many serial entrepreneurs that create successful businesses, sell them, and then create something else.

So… what’s your big idea for our small town? If you are an entrepreneur who is self-motivated, take risks, know how to network, have basic money management skills, flexible and have a passion, your next big idea could make a huge impact on our small town.  I would love to hear about it and help make it a reality. If you’re motivated to take that next step to make your dream come true, come see me. I even know a few tricks, locations, and lenders that will help the process.

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