Shop Local and Support Small Business

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to the Miller Elementary students about shopping local. I decided not to do a PowerPoint presentation or a long drawn out speech. I am better when I can throw a few jokes in and make it fun so I had a role-playing activity that not only involved a few of my friends who are affected by shopping local, but also the students.

At the end of the role playing, I challenged the students to draw what shopping local meant to them. I told them it could be anything from their favorite store, place to eat, or something they learned. I only gave them two days to complete and I was nervous that might not be enough time. When I went back to the school, I was overwhelmed with joy on the number of drawings. We had so many Miller businesses in those drawings. A few off the top of my head included; The Clothes Garden, Rexall Drug, The Main Street Lunchbox, Kessler’s, the Dollar Store, Dairy Queen, The Ranch Café, Rustic Roots 605, and so many more. You can find a lot of these drawings around town.

I had my brother-in-law from Sioux Falls be my official judge for the contest. His favorite was one by Brystal Wallman who is in the 5th grade. Not only did Brystal draw the front of Rustic Roots 605 perfectly, she added a narrative to the side that said, “Shopping local is very important because you are a supporting a small business around town. If no one shopped locally, town’s small businesses would not get any money and would shut down.” WOW. Brystal nailed it.  

Can you imagine if we didn’t all support local? We wouldn’t have The Clothes Garden, Rexall Drug, Lunchbox, Kessler’s Dollar Store, Dairy Queen, Rustic Roots and all of the other small business that make Miller unique. I was blow away from our youth’s understanding of the importance of shopping local and supporting small business.

Now, my challenge to all adults in Hand County… what if we all spent 10% more in Hand County this month? What would happen? Sales tax increase. Keep businesses open. Keep local jobs. More money for our non-profits.  Hand County would THRIVE! And 10% doesn’t sound like a lot but if EVERYONE does it, it will make a huge difference!

More money spent in Hand County means more reasons to Love Where You Live! I am proud of the Miller Elementary Students and their support for local! And I can’t wait to see the affects of everyone spending 10% more in Hand County!

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