More Than Target

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Last week, I was visiting with a friend from the cities and she mentioned how much she loves visiting Miller and how she much loves it here. I asked why don’t you think about relocating? She replied with, “Oh I could NEVER live without a Target.”

Of course, I had to respond. It made me sad to think that people live somewhere because of a store.  I told her that Hand County is so much more than a Target store. I didn’t have a lot of time so I gave her the short list of why she should think about living in Hand County:

  • Safe Community- A top priority here thanks to a devoted Fire Department, well trained EMTs, Emergency Management, and pro-active Police and Sheriff’s Departments.
  • Great School District- Miller graduates are amazed at how prepared they are when attending higher education institutes. Our teachers and administrators are devoted to students and learning. The school facilities are well maintained and provide a sound learning environment for students just learning to read and students getting ready to leave home.
  • Healthcare Facilities- Avera Hand County Hospital, Avera Clinic, Visioncare, Good Samaritan Nursing Home, Miller Dental/Family Smiles, Rexall Drug Pharmacy, Carr Chiropractic and Community Health take care of our medical needs from birth to the ends of our lives. Not to forget great vet clinics that help with our pets and livestock!
  • Shopping- Cute clothes, shoes, food, gifts, and home décor. What could make a shopper happier? Except maybe great customer service, quality products and the knowledge that shopping contributes to sales tax revenue.
  • No traffic- It is easy to maneuver through any time of the day. However, some exceptions do apply: orange cones, farm machinery and kids on bikes.
  • Parks- Miller boasts great ball parks and community parks. Crystal Park has a generous amount of space to accommodate campers, picnics, “Arts in the Park” programming and provides a great sledding spot in the winter months. Each park has quality playground equipment that is enjoyed by all children regardless of age and you can ride your bikes or walk there… not take an uber.
  • People who truly care about you and your family- think of Hands of Hope. This is just one group that is an example of people who care about people! You can’t find a Hands of Hope in Minneapolis.

This list could go on and on but like I said I didn’t have that much time. I can’t imagine living in a community because they have a Target. Target is not unique. Target doesn’t care about you and your family. Hand County is so much more than Target. Hand County is about quality of life, relationships, taking care of each other, working hard and playing hard.

I love where I live. I don’t have a Target store and I don’t need one.

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