Mapping Assets

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I was at a conference last week learning about how to support entrepreneurs and one of our sessions was on mapping our assets. We talked about how we have two types of assets; physical and skills assets. We had to figure out what our organizations have for both kinds of assets and how those assets can assist our community and local entrepreneurs. I thought this would be the perfect time to tell our area some of our assets here at On Hand Development and what would happen if we worked together using our assets.

First, let me clear up the definitions of the two assets. Physical assets of On Hand Development would be; our Revolving Loan Fund, access to capital, Miller Community Center, DT-Trak building, Sommers Bar, Community Center land on a high traffic area, and the Senior Center.

Second is skill assets. Skill assets of On Hand Development include (not limited to); communications (writing, social media, public speaking, and radio), fundraising, grant writing, relationships, access to resources, listening, problem solving, and analytical thinking.

In the next exercise, we had to write down three assets and put them on a board with a room of 30 other people. We then had to decide which assets we needed to complete a project. Here is an example. Someone put they have an event space, fundraising experience and the last person put pays attention to details. Those three assets represent three different entities. Those entities could then work together to throw the most successful event together. Everyone was most surprised that more skill assets were listed than physical assets.

We focused on conversations not so much on what people do, but what they are willing to share to a new network. We listened carefully for what people were willing to share and how me might build new connections among those assets. We also talked about how if we work together and share assets, anything can be accomplished.

Is there an asset on the list above that you might benefit from? Maybe there is something missing on this list that you can help On Hand Development with. We are a resource for all entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs and we want to share our assets with our community. Imagine if we worked together using all of our assets for the greater good of our community! Call or stop in my office so we can visit more about sharing assets to help our community thrive. 

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