Lets Roll Out the Orange Carpet

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Hunting season in Hand County is so much more than how many birds you get. It’s about relationships, traditions, and the experience.  

When pheasant hunters come to our area, they don’t just spend money on ammunition. Local businesses from hunting lodges to bars and restaurants to convenience stores to shops to car repairs, and everything in between, all benefit when pheasant hunters arrive in our community.  Many family farms not only enjoy renewed friendships over the years but also extra income.

It is important for Hand County and local businesses to have the best customer service! Many hunters will shop locally looking for t-shirts, jewelry, and other gifts to take back to their loved ones at home. And its not just the hunters spending dollars over the season. These hunters usually have a local tour guide and that guide will be spending money in our community as well. I am not asking to treat the hunters any better than the locals, but treat everyone with a little extra TLC this season! Maybe the hunter asks the local to go into a business that the local has never been in and that business goes above and beyond for the customers. From then on, it could be a potential regular customer that would have never thought of shopping there.

So, when you see the new faces in town or there is someone sitting in your normal spot at your favorite restaurant, just remember they are contributing to the dollars spent in Hand County. Welcome them and make sure to ask them to come back next year!

We need to remember how important this season is to our community.  We need to keep watching for opportunities and we need to be prepared to take action when those opportunities arise.  On Hand Development’s job is to make sure we keep our eyes on the target by staying focused on our vision and dream of what our town can become.

Let’s roll out the orange carpet for our visitors and our locals who are spending their dollars and time in Hand County. I know that Hand County always has the best customer service but this hunting season, let’s just put in a little extra TLC.

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