Don’t Overlook the Power of Senior Citizens

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Last week the Miller the Friendship Center hosted the famous Mollie B at our Miller Community Center. There was over 325 people from all over who enjoyed the show. I attended the event and was so surprised in how much fun it was. I always enjoy getting together and experiencing different things with different people. I truly believe that if we want things to do in our community, we need to attend the events we have!

These volunteers from the Friendship Center organized sponsorship funds, wrote a grant, sold tickets, advertised, set up and took everything down. All of the money they raised went to their Friendship Center for future projects and needs. I couldn’t be more proud of this group of volunteers for giving back to their community. I am grateful for their time and energy in something that they were so passionate about and our community needs passion...and events!

A lot of people overlook the power of senior citizens. They don’t see the value in asking for help from a different generation who might have different ideas. We need folks of all ages to volunteer and help our community have a pleasing quality of life. At the Friendship Center, they bring people together on a daily basis. They have card games, pool games, parties, lunches, coffee hours, and the list goes on. Not many communities the size of Miller have such a booming center. They have a very reasonable rate to join and if you are looking for friends, go join! It won’t take you long to make friends there.  

So what’s in it for our community to get the seniors involved?

  • Experience- Let’s face it, they have been around and they know what works.
  • Passion- They care about our community. They want to see it thrive.
  • Different Connections- I bet they hang in a different circle than you and can get more people involved.
  • Time- They have more of it.

And it isn’t just our community that benefits from volunteering. Seniors that volunteer see a number of different benefits.

  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Stronger Social Networks
  • Increased Levels of Physical Activity
  • Positive Attitude

And if you are a senior citizen what is your excuse for not giving back some of your time? Or a person of any age? Think of all of the possibilities in our community if everyone DID SOMETHING! They joined a group. They hosted an event. They volunteered their time. They attend events when we have them. I can’t even imagine our community and the improvement we would see.

On Hand Development has created and sustained a powerful relationship with our Friendship Center. We work together and we love having that community just down the hall. And we believe they love having us around and well-maintained space. We see the value in a group who is passionate about our community. I urge everyone looking for volunteers to reach out to people of all ages. Do something for your community. Let's make more things happen together! Call On Hand if you need a little help.

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