Community Center IS Economic Development

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Since the fall of 2014, Hand County has enjoyed its Community Center.  The theme surrounding the Center has been donations and volunteer work. It all began when the Miller School gave the land and the old elementary building complex to On Hand Development Corporation for $1 for the purpose of developing a Community Center.  With that gift, the On Hand Board of Directors immediately went to work securing manpower and design teams to turn an old school into a beautiful, functional complex that benefits not only Hand County citizens but surrounding businesses and families. 

A lot of people now ask, “What would we do without that place?” “There is always something going on there!” If On Hand wouldn’t have remolded the old school into the Community Center, how many weddings, meetings, events, and other activities would have been held out of town? In 2018, the Community Center hosted over 45 events in our Center. In 2019, over 50 events were scheduled. (Not including all of the youth sports and activities) 2020 was a difficult year for obvious reasons, but we took that time to deep clean, paint, and spruce up the place. 2021 was the biggest year yet with eight LARGE weddings that took place and over 60 other events. 2022 we have six large events booked and 42 other events. 2022 we also hosted a lot of extra events for our school because of the school fire and clean up. We hosted a number of school board meetings, practice tests, and other school events that would have struggled finding enough space elsewhere.

None of these numbers include the events in the Friendship Center, the basketball games, practices, or ANY youth activities. Because the school gifted On Hand Development the property, we don’t charge for any youth activities. The center takes in money from 80% of the city BBB tax, fundraisers, donations, Friendship Center rent and from event rentals.

What people might forget is the center costs money to operate. We have a lot of daily costs including; utilities, insurance, payroll, repairs, cleaning, and equipment. We are pleased to take care of the center because we know that it is keeping money in our community. We also know that people need a place to celebrate life’s important events right here in Hand County.   

On Hand Development knows that these events people celebrate and the ball games generate sales tax. When people come to an event at the community center, they are stopping at the gas stations, buying food at the grocery store, stopping on Main Street for gifts, and spending money in our community.  

We are proud of our Community Center and the many activities and events that are hosted here. This is more than a place where we enjoy to gather, it’s a place where we support the community we love. We are also grateful for our supporters. Our Community Center donor wall is more than half way to completion. This is a wall that names all of our supporters from 2014 until now. We have left a few spots open if you would like your name added to the wall.

The Miller Community Center IS economic development and On Hand is happy to visit with you about everything we can offer. Call Megan at 853-3098 to book your next event… she is taking dates for the 2023 season.

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