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Last week, 25 people sat down with South Dakota Public Broadcasting and heard all kinds of stories about Hand County folks and stories from our area. We heard from kids, adults, and seniors about why they love this community and what makes it so special. We advertised this event in The Miller Press and our Facebook page so if you are upset you didn’t attend, that’s on you.

We heard about the Miller Swim Team, the swimming pool, the quilting club, the Miller Area Foundation, the school fire, Hands of Hope, The Drive In, The Race Track, Main Street businesses, and others. One of the biggest themes that I found interesting was how many people talked about coming back to this community.

No matter what the reason they moved away they came back. College, job, relationship whatever the case was they talked about coming back after realizing how great it is right here in Miller. This was a theme the entire day. We heard from high school and college age young adults that want to get their education and then come back to raise their families and start careers. We heard from an alumni mother and how all of four of her siblings came back to Miller. We heard from a grandmother of four grandkids who all came back to Miller. We heard from a couple who once lived in Miller and moved away and then came back to raise their kids.

So why? Why do all of these people come back? Most said that they love the people here and its home and they can’t imagine living anywhere else. Some said they love all of the opportunities that Miller has to offer for families. We have small town vibes with all of the amenities of a larger community. One couple said financially it made sense. They make more money here and the cost of living is less than bigger communities. PLUS, grandpa and grandma are here to help with the kids.

I truly believe that one of the main reasons that so many people come back to Miller is not only the people, the things to do, the safety, etc but educating our youth and our community on all of the benefits of our community. Here at On Hand, we are constantly telling success stories of alumni and transplants that have made Miller home and have become successful.  

Stay tuned for the Dakota Life Series featuring Miller, Miller people, and all of the wonderful stories we heard that day. I am so excited for the future of this community and all of the people who are coming back to make Miller home.

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