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This week, I had a business owner call my cell and ask me to clear something up that she had heard about On Hand Development. She apologized for asking but I was SO glad she called us first before assuming what she heard was correct. Turns out, it wasn’t correct. Not even close. I told her I am so glad she called and that she should always call first or call anytime she needs anything.

The whole conversation got me thinking… I wish everyone would call us first before assuming what they hear is truth about On Hand Development and what we do.  I also really wish business owners would call me first when they need something.

Like when a business is hiring full time employment. If a business owner calls On Hand first, they would find out that we have recruitment funds available for full time employees in Hand County and the process is fast and simple. This program is for ANY business in Hand County hiring full time employees. We have funds available so call us and learn more if your business is hiring. Don’t wait till after you hire someone because all of the programs are set up BEFORE getting hired. Come to us first.

I also wish everyone would call us before buying a business. We can assist new business owners with free professional business planning, bounce around ideas, and connect them with resources that they might not know about. Most people also don’t know that we have a grant program for new signage. If they come to us before they get the sign, we can assist any business in Hand County for half the cost of the new sign or up to $750. This is a grant program and the application takes only minutes. The same goes for businesses who are getting ready to sell. We encourage every business to prepare their exit strategy in advance. We can assist businesses in this process as well.

Funding is something they should come to us first always. Currently we are working with eight businesses on loans thru our revolving loan fund and we have out over $620,000 in Hand County. This fund is for new OR existing business. New businesses might need help with startup cost, inventory costs, equipment, etc. We have worked with a number of existing businesses in our program for business expansion, improvement, inventory, and lots of other needs. If businesses come to us first, they would hear all about our revolving loan fund. We currently have funds available for Hand County businesses. There is an application and everyone has to apply before receiving a loan. So don’t just assume that we will loan your business the funds you need. This is a low interest loan NOT a grant program. Come to us first for loan information.

There are a number of different programs and resources that On Hand Development can help businesses with if we know that business needs something. We keep everything confidential and know how vital that is for any business. We hope you come to us first so we can tell you all about how On Hand Development can help your business be the best it can be.  

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