Civic Pride

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What is civic pride? Saying you are proud to live in Hand County? Attending a community event? Civic pride is defined as having pride in your community, but it’s so much more than just that. Civic pride brings a community together and makes us feel good about where we GET to live.

Ultimately, it’s people who are at the heart of a vibrant, dynamic community, so encouraging civic pride in our community is essential for achieving the quality of life desired by residents and the creation and maintenance of a healthy community.

Civic pride means different things to different people. It could be as simple as sweeping a sidewalk, volunteering for a local organization, discouraging litter, pulling weeds, saying no to negative comments, shopping local, helping someone in need, posting a picture of something you did in Hand County on Facebook, maintaining your yard — it’s about appreciating the existing community and the need for wanting it to improve.

It’s about recognizing traditions and what makes the community unique, and working together to make it better.

Over the past decade, On Hand Development, has brought forward the need to highlight civic pride as a priority in our community. We want to remind community members why Hand County is such an amazing community to be a part of and how each and every one of us is an ambassador for our community.

When individuals AND businesses feel a strong sense of civic pride, amazing things happen. They have a drive to take action to improve or support the well-being of the community. Those who witness it are compelled to follow suit and add to the momentum. Local businesses are kept in business, litter is no more, property values increase. Civic pride results in individual responsibility, community improvement and self-sufficiency. On Hand Development also believes it is crucial in retaining young professionals in our community.

Why do you love Hand County? What are the little things that make you proud to live here? Take the time to ask yourself what exactly civic pride means to you.

As a community there is a real opportunity to embrace civic pride. Communities with a strong sense of civic pride have happier, more engaged and more involved residents. On Hand takes a lot of pride in Hand County and recognizes that we all have a part to play in taking care of the community.

We know at On Hand that we can all do better with our civic pride. I am asking you to take a little pride in our community that we GET to live in. If we don’t take pride in the place we call home, who will?

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