Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local

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As we are approaching our annual CRAZY days here in Miller, Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local is something we all need to remember and it shouldn’t be just for CRAZY days. As I am visiting with people around town, they don’t like to see local businesses close their doors or to see vacant buildings scattered throughout the community; however, it is rare that those community members consider that their own buying patterns may have attributed to those very losses.    

It is more important than ever that we all make a conscious decision to support our local business communities, whenever possible.  Buying local contributes to the recirculation of money in Miller.

What’s in it for us, if we shop local?

  • When we shop local, we are not only supporting a local business owner, but we are also contributing to sales tax revenue for our town.  Our town in return, is able to take that revenue and support public works that many of us take for granted; paved streets, infrastructure, public swimming pool, parks, etc.
  • The ease and convenience of shopping locally. By shopping local you save time and travel expenses (gas, tires, eating out, etc.) I love it when people say, “It’s so much cheaper shopping out of town!” My response never changes. How long did it take you to get there and back? I can get to Kessler’s or downtown in less than 2 minutes. My gas is cheaper, less miles on my vehicle and I have extra time.
  • Our business owners support the community in so many ways. They truly give back to the community throughout the year supporting fundraisers and local events. We need to support these businesses owners who support our events and LOCAL causes.
  • Customer service is top-notch because they are our neighbors and our friends. How many times have you walked into Walmart and the store clerk knew exactly what a gift you should buy your wife for Christmas? Go into Heartstrings, Clothes Garden, Polly Shoe Store and I bet they get you the best gift because they know you and your wife and they care! Many of those business owners also serve on various boards, teach Sunday School, coach youth sports.
  • How many jobs would we lose if we don’t support local? The folks that work local turn around and spend their money locally. They pay local taxes, have kids in school, and support your local economy.

And what’s in it for us if we DON’T shop local?  Bye-bye Local…a fate many small towns in South Dakota have already experienced: empty store buildings, a lost Main Street shopping experience, reduced sales tax revenue and a town that begins a downward spiral of dying.  Yes, everything IS at stake!  Your shopping local decision saves your town and the quality of life that is the envy of city dwellers. Most importantly, YOU and only YOU can make that decision to not only save your town but keep it strong and healthy and inviting to all of us!

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