Why I Love Where I Live.

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I was visiting with a relative from out of state last weekend and she asked me, “Why do you love living here so much? I haven’t heard of anyone talk about a community the way you do.” Here is my twitter version of my list.

  • People- Over the past week, I witnessed volunteers giving up their time and donations to paint someone else’s home. I don’t believe that in a big city, people would volunteer to do that kind of hard work for nothing in return. I also witnessed a benefit auction and golf tournament where donations and love poured into someone who is going thru a difficult time. You don’t find people like that everywhere.
  • Raising Kids- Hand County is the BEST place to raise kids. Not only do we have an awesome school district, but we have so much that they can experience. A few of things I love watching my kids do in Hand County is; ride bikes, hunt, fish, camp, swim, go to drive in movies, and watch racing every Saturday night. I can watch these things happen with ease because I know they are in a safe community and with people that I know.
  • Community Pride- There are a lot of rural communities in South Dakota that have great people and things to do with their families but there aren’t a lot of communities that take so much pride in their community. Our community does. We know the value of having our community attractive and well maintained. We also take a lot of pride in supporting local and local businesses because we know that if we don’t, those businesses go away. I know we have more pride than most because when I travel outside of Hand County and talk about our projects and businesses, others are envious of our community and how much pride the community has.

I have so many other things to add to this list- parks, location, having everything we need right here, Main Street, the Golf Course, and this list could go on and on and on.

I am curious. If you had to write about it, what would be on your list? I would venture a guess that most people have people on their list. The people in our community make it what it is.

I challenge everyone to take a second and think about all of the good in our community. I also challenge you to tell others why you love living here and focus on the good. Yes, there are things we can improve for sure, but there is so much good.

I am 100% convinced that we get to live in the most wonderful community in all of South Dakota. I will continue to tell people how much I love this community and continue to support the services, businesses, and people in it because I want my grandkids to come back to this area and have the same list that I have today.   

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