Where are Our Champions?

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Since my last article on “Pitching Miller,” a lot of people have asked me what is going on with the hotel project. I have met with my board and some experts and I am happy to share some details with you.

According to the hotel study that On Hand participated in, another new hotel would be feasible for our area. Our study wasn’t ideal timing because of COVID 19 but in spite of that, a couple of experts that I have met with tell me there is an opportunity for a new hotel to succeed right here in Miller.

So what do we need to make that happen? We need to find our champions in our community who support this idea. We need to find those folks who are not only willing to invest in the financial end of the project but also the day-to-day decisions.

The experts that I met with said to get a team of community minded folks together. Have this team review the study, talk about ideas, and who is willing to do what. The hotel experts will then come back to Miller, and meet with this team. They will help financially fill in gaps, work on some training, and help design and build hotel.

These experts came to Miller and saw all of the wonderful things that are happening in our community. They asked about events, businesses, summer recreation, hunting, medical services, and lots of other areas of interest. They were truly impressed with everything we have to offer. They said, “We can’t invest in your community if the community doesn’t invest. This project is going to take some serious dedication from folks who want to see it happen. We need folks who are passionate about community support and willing to step up.”

These experts know what they are talking about. They own a lot of hotel properties in South Dakota and have assisted with several as well. A couple years back, they worked with a group out of Lemmon, SD to build a hotel. That hotel is now a profiting business ran by a team of leaders in their community. They compared this project to Lemmon. Some of the champions in Lemmon are; business owners, (their business would see direct value from a hotel) retired professionals who helped with the plans (they gave their time), ranchers and private investors (invested funds).

What comes next is up to Hand County. If you are a person who can commit time or money to this project, please let me know. We need to find our champions for this development to move forward. On Hand Development is willing to assist and team up with the hotel for successful events. We also have a nice spot picked out. All we need is YOU to make this happen. Are you willing to be a champion for this development?

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