Welcome, Summer!

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SUMMER. IS. HERE. I recently asked followers on Facebook if they would send photos of why they love in Hand County in the Summer. The results were amazing. I got 97 pictures for future promotional efforts. I also got to hear and see what people really love about our area in the summer. Here is what I learned.

Lake Louise is a favorite for sure. I got so many pictures of fishing, swimming, boating, camping, and the beach. Lake Louise is a gem in our community. We need to make sure to remember to tell folks about that gem and everything that special place has to offer.

The parks. Miller is truly blessed with some of the best parks. Pictures came from Crystal Park, the Baseball Park, and the Swimming Pool park of folks enjoying events, picnics, and everything else. Hats off to the City employees who do a great job of maintaining the parks and taking care of those places.  

The sports. Golf, baseball, softball, and soccer. We have more sports in our community than most our size. Kids of all ages play sports here. I was impressed with the number of small children that are participating in every sport and the facilities that we have to offer these sports are so well kept.

The pool. Our swimming pool is one of a kind. Between the slide, the baby pool and the diving board there is truly something for everyone at the Miller City Pool. 

The Racetrack. Saturday night is a big deal at Miller Central Speedway. A lot of folks from out of town sent pictures of them holding trophies and enjoying the Miller Central Speedway with friends.

Midway Drive In. The movies aren’t the only thing that folks love about the Drive In. A lot of people talked about how much they love the concession stand and the folks that run the drive in. So many memories are made for all generations.

The views. We have some BEAUTIFUL sunrises and sunsets in Hand County. I urge everyone to take advantage of that time of day and get out and take it in.

This list goes on and on. The 4th of July, food, summer reading program, and so many more wonderful events were talked about in these testimonials. Get out and see everything that Hand County has to offer. If you want to find out what’s going on, keep reading your Miller Press and go to our website www.millersd.org for the 2021 Summer Recreation Guide and calendar of events.

We take for granted what we have to do right in our own backyard. Grab your friends and go experience everything we have to offer. We get to live in the greatest county in South Dakota and experience these wonderful places and events. Go make some Summer memories right here in Hand County.

 Enjoy your summer, Hand County… it goes way too fast.  

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