Two Seasons In South Dakota…Construction Season and Winter

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A wise woman once told me that there are two seasons in South Dakota…Construction Season and Winter. Construction season is almost to an end here in Miller.  This construction season has brought our community some amazing changes. The corner of North Broadway and Third Street houses both Ace Hardware and Kessler’s Grocery Store and both businesses are getting a facelift this construction season.  

Why are these big changes happening to these two businesses? When we support our local businesses, these businesses are able to expand. They are growing right before our eyes and it’s because WE are supporting them. We are buying local. Imagine if we all bought 10% more local. What would our community look like? Bigger businesses? More improvements? More people? More jobs? The possibilities are endless.

People are often quick to complain about construction and the mess and the inconvenience. I see construction as progress for our community. I can live through the mess of a parking lot being torn up for a month or two in order for a business to grow. Merchandise that has been moved around a store really doesn’t bother me because I know they are adding more merchandise that will bring in more people to shop. And what about all of these construction workers who are spending money in our community? I see the gas stations, restaurants, and Main Street full of workers who are spending money in our community.

I am SO very proud of the community support of our local economy. I am also very proud that businesses like Kessler’s and Miller Ace Hardware are investing in our community. The end of construction season is in sight and this mess won’t last much longer but the impacts of this mess will stick around for a long time!

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