The Many Hats of Economic Development

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I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the many hats that I wear for my position in Economic Development.  I came up with ten different hats that I wear to work on a weekly basis and sometimes I have to wear more than one hat! 

Here are the different hats that I came up with that I wear for my community:

  • Conductor Hat- I wear this hat when we need to bring others on board to projects
  • Big Dog Hat- This is my hat I wear when I need to run with the “Big Dogs” for Big Projects
  • Cowboy Hat- Getting down with the locals is important in this position
  • Construction Hat- Lots of projects deal with construction so safety first
  • Helmet- Sometimes I need to dodge some bullets and need that extra protection
  • Top Hat- I bet a lot of people didn’t know that I can pull some magic out of a hat
  • Flamingo Hat - I often need to stick my neck out
  • Clown Hat – I constantly need to be smiling and happy and keep others happy too
  • Emoji Poop Hat- Sometimes you take some crap
  • Light Up Hat- Need to be the light for my community

Economic Development is a really complex world with lots of different moving parts. I am happy to wear all of the different hats that I need to wear to help my community thrive.  In rural communities, it’s vital for everyone to wear different hats. You might own a business, be on a board, volunteer coach, sing at your church, or something else, but you wear a lot of different hats as well.

The different hats that we all wear is what makes rural, rural. Just think if everyone here in Hand County wore one hat? Imagine for a second what that would look like…No volunteers, no boards, no leagues, and the list goes on and on.

Keep changing your hat and adding new ones to your wardrobe. It’s important to Hand County and our future!

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