The Biggest Little City in South Dakota

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I was organizing photos that were donated by Joan Bertsch the other day, when I came across one from Main Street Miller in the 1950’s with this written on it, “The Biggest Little City in South Dakota.”

How true is that? When I visit with other communities, they are so envious of everything we have to offer. I have even heard this one this last weekend from someone visiting from out of town, “Miller is like the Sioux Falls of small towns in South Dakota.” WOW! Let that sink in for a second…

I believe these statements are true for a number of reasons. Not many small towns I know have a shoe store, a clothing store, a gift shop complete with gourmet coffee, several places to eat, places to get your hair, nails, and even eyebrows done, a full-service pharmacy, an awesome grocery store, several places to get fresh flowers, a Race Track, Drive In, and this list could go on and on and on.

When our local businesses are alive and doing well, our community will THRIVE. I understand not everything can be bought locally, but it may surprise you how much actually can be, and how willing our local businesses are to get you what you need. If you make the decision to shop local first, you might be surprised in what you find.

What makes our community thrive? PEOPLE! Business owners that invest their time and money in our community make it possible. Organizations like On Hand Development, the Miller Civic and Commerce, and the Miller Arts Council make it possible. Volunteers make it possible. Shoppers that support these businesses make it possible. Youth make it possible.

I continue to challenge our community to shop local first. When buying goods or services, make sure to stop and think, “Can I get this right here in my community?” This isn’t about shaming you when you do buy something out of town. This is about a movement of thinking differently about our THRIVING rural community.

If we continue to support these businesses that support us, we will continue to have these businesses in our community. If we choose to support businesses out of town or online, we won’t be the Biggest Little City in South Dakota. Keep supporting local and let’s continue making Miller an envy of other small communities.

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