Step Up, Potential Leaders

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On Hand Development is always looking for leaders to step up and fill in roles. Are you a potential leader in Hand County that is ready to step up in a leadership role?

First, it takes making your community a priority. I hear this a lot when I am talking to someone about taking on a leadership role, “I would but I am way too busy right now.” We are all busy but it’s not about being busy, its about what you take time to prioritize. Just be honest and tell me that it’s not a priority for you right now.

After you are committed to making your community a priority, you need to decide where your qualities and skills fit in best. I have talked to some people about joining our board and get this answer, “I would but I don’t own a business.” The truth is, you don’t have to own a business to be a leader on our board. You need to have the right qualities. On Hand Development has eleven board positions. Here are a few qualities we are looking for in leaders:

Have a vision. Know where you’re going and convey it.

Be strategically focused. Don’t focus exclusively on the present. Focus on the bigger picture.

Be a trusted leader. People want to follow the leader they trust to accomplish great things. It takes time to build trust, but it can disappear quickly if you do not constantly reinforce it.

Communicate. Great leaders communicate their vision and action. But a great leader also listens extremely well.

Optimistic. Optimism flows from the top down – working with people who are doom and gloom dampens the mood for everyone. Try and deal with negative people effectively, makes them share your vision and try to convey this passion you have.

Committed. Leaders who are committed to an organization or effort truly believe that it is important, and they show up, follow through, and stick with it. The more people who are committed to your organization, the greater the momentum you can generate to get the job done.

Are you ready to step up? If so, give me a call at 853-3098 and let’s find you a leadership role in Hand County. We need good leaders to step up to keep our community thriving. 

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