Proud of You Miller!

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If you didn’t attend the ask a council member question and answer session last week, you sure missed out. Everyone in the area had the opportunity to attend and let their voice be heard. If you didn’t attend and you have questions, shame on you. I personally invited people who complain about city or economic development issues and they didn’t show up. It’s like my mother in-law says, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Over 75 people attended the session and the city council answered questions about the surcharges, phases of the projects, grants, funding, snow removal, roads, code enforcement, and lots of other topics.

MeetingIf you did attend the meeting, I am proud of you! You did your duty as a citizen to participate in your local community! Now remember, we asked at the end of the session that you help spread the positive message that you learned. We are already seeing this take place. Folks that attended the session are already posting on Facebook what a wonderful opportunity it was. Thank you for the kind words… let’s keep that going!

The session made me very proud to live in Miller. People showed up because they care about Miller and they want to be involved. They didn’t show up to complain. They came to be part of the solution. And if they came to complain, they probably didn’t like the ground rules. One of the ground rules before the session started, was everyone who addressed the council had to ask a question when speaking. It wasn’t a typical meeting. This session wasn’t designed for folks to have the opportunity to complain what is wrong or what they don’t like. This session was designed for them to get answers about city issues. I had a number of people come up to me after and tell me thank you for the opportunity. They learned a lot and were mis informed before the session.

I am also very proud of how our city council handled the session and their transparency. They answered questions with smiles and didn’t get emotional. Their job is a thankless job. Their time isn’t always valued and at that session, they were valued and respected. We even had one resident tell them thank you for their work and for the opportunity to ask questions. It was so powerful. I am proud of the Miller City Council and Economic Development for teaming up to bring this opportunity to Miller.

As residents in Miller, we should ALL be proud! Let’s stop the complaining and talk about the great things happening. Let’s ask questions about projects when we don’t know all of the facts and stop complaining about those projects. Let’s stop bashing Miller on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else online and tell the world how great it is to live here. Let’s be part of the solution. I know I want to be part of the solution for my kids and grandkids to come back to Miller someday. I want them to be proud of Miller and be part of the solutions in the future.

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