People Are on The Move to Rural

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Several weeks ago, all the talk around Miller was how many homes were for sale. Now, the talk around town is how many homes have sold. Are people on the move to rural areas like Miller? I believe so.

recent Harris Poll suggests that almost 40% of Americans are thinking of moving to less populated areas.  It builds on the 2017 Gallup poll identifying that more Americans want to live in small towns or rural places than in big cities.

There’s a wave of change coming to rural America. People are moving in, moving out, and moving over resulting in major demographic shifts that will forever change the face of rural communities and have far-reaching consequences. During the next 20 years we are poised to welcome in a whole new generation of residents as nearly three-quarters of our owner-occupied housing will turn over as seniors and baby boomers move out. 

So why are people on the move to rural? Research suggests:

  1. Slower pace of life;
    2. Safety and security (especially families with children); and
    3. Low cost of housing.

Quality of life trumps jobs available in rural areas and that’s one reason On Hand Development puts time into quality of life projects These newcomers are buying businesses, working from home and diversifying our economy.

When people visit areas like Miller for the first time, who are they likely to run into first? Think of coffee hour and happy hour. What are they talking about? Is it positive about our area? Are they talking about the future or the past? Invite these newcomers to BBQ’s, golfing, or the swimming pool for the afternoon to make sure they know what living here is really like.

The bottom line is people WANT to live and move here for what we are today and will be tomorrow, not what may have been! Let’s change the conversation to the future and why we love living where we live.

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