Our Community Needs Your Loyalty

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As folks are feeling more comfortable getting out and traveling, it is good to have a gentle reminder of why shopping local is so important to our community. Small businesses need your loyalty now more than ever. Small businesses have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep their doors open and products on their shelves. I realize that everyone wants to get out and see different places but just remember to keep that shop local mentality when you go

Someone on our board always says, “You can get everything you need right here in Hand County. You might not be able to get everything you want, but you can get everything you need.” This is so true. I know that if my kid wants the best Pokémon card or a Vikings jersey, I can’t get that here. What I can get here is groceries, toilet paper, cleaning products, gas, and everything else that we need. (and some things that we want for fun) 

Today, lets focus on discussing all the benefits the community reaps when we shop local and in hopes you will support these small businesses AND our community now when we need it most.

I am so proud of our area and the business community. When I have visitors come, I love to take them shopping here because it’s an experience. When you walk into a business, they know your name and what’s going on in your life and that’s not the case in every community. You feel welcomed and appreciated the second you walk in the door.

So, as I was preparing my article, I wanted to make sure everyone knows the significant parts of shopping local.

  • Time Savings – Shopping Hand County –Traveling to any larger town in our area could take an extra 2-5 hours of your day, and that’s not even time spent on shopping!
  • Supporting local businesses = supporting your town! Local business owners are the heart of the United States! Small businesses employ more people in the United States than big box stores.  Those same businesses are the ones supporting local athletic teams, C & C events, and fundraisers.  When was the last time a big box store bought cookie dough from your daughter or a Christmas wreath from a band student?
  • Sales Tax Revenue – As we purchase locally, we are contributing to sales tax revenue that helps our town take care of infrastructure needs as well as maintaining our local swimming pool and parks. If each of us spent 10% more locally, the sales tax revenue would be over $75,000.00! Imagine if we spent more than 10%!
  • Customer Service – Hand County business owners work hard to give their customers great customer service. They have a relationship with you so they go above and beyond to make sure you get what you need.

Everyone in the area who supported our community during those strange times has done an awesome job of supporting local. I hope your loyalty will continue as you start getting out and about as small businesses need you now more than ever. Go out and see and do what you want, but remember to get what you need from the community who supports you. Our community needs your loyalty now more than ever.

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