On Hand Would Like to Welcome our Newest Face, Cooper Bebo

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Cooper Bebo is the newest face to the On Hand Development Corporation Board Of Directors. Cooper was selected by the On Hand Board at the most recent board meeting on Thursday, September 12. Cooper is taking the seat of Connie Schroeder who served on the board for nine years.

Cooper BeboThe On Hand Board of Directors selected Cooper because of his involvement in the Miller community, his energy, and his passion for business. Cooper is the owner of Builder Solutions, LLC and runs his own financing company, I Own Financing, LLC, where he finances customer's buildings he sells, personal loans, and smaller client projects. Cooper is also active on the Bebo Ranch where he plays a large role in the cattle operation and also involved in selling Bebo Beef. When Cooper isn’t working, he enjoys boating with his wife Emily (Simons) and spending time with their two puppies, Nash and Sadie.

On Hand Development was created in 1987 by a group of citizens to help keep the Hand County area vital and growing. We have been "on hand" and working toward that goal. The mission of On Hand Development Corporation is to maintain and assist in the expansion of existing businesses and support the growth of new businesses while striving to improve the economy of the Miller area.

The On Hand Board consist of 11 board members throughout the county. Those board members include: Cooper Bebo (Professional) , Natalie Bertsch (C&C membership) , Brian Bonebright (C&C Membership), Bryan Breitling (Governmental) , Pete DeGeest (Professional) , Tiffany Hofer (Professional), Brian Jones (C&C Membership), Mike Mentzer (Finance), Laine Warkenthien (Finance), Luke Wernsmann (Governmental), and Joe Zeller (Governmental) . According to the On Hand By-Laws, the board must consist of: six at large directors, two finance directors, and three governmental directors. Three of the professional directors are voted on at the Miller Civic and Commerce and On Hand Development Annual Meeting. The remaining Professional spots are selected within the Board of Directors. The Governmental spots are to be filled within the Miller City Council, The Hand County Commissioners, and the Miller School Board. The positions are selected by those respective organizations’ governing bodies appointed to the board. The On Hand Board meets monthly and has a number of other committees that meet when needed.

Have you ever thought about sitting on the On Hand Development Corporation Board? Talk to Kecia Beranek for more information on all of the projects that On Hand is currently working on.

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