On Hand is Celebrating the Small Wins

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Here at On Hand Development, we celebrate the small and big wins. We define the small wins as the progress points on the way to our goals.

Progress points on economic development projects with long-term and far-off goals can be difficult, if not impossible, to track -particularly for the many community members who are not actively involved in the actual development operations.

What are our goals here at On Hand? In November each year, the On Hand Development board of directors has our planning session. In fact, we just met last week to identify our goals for 2022. In November of 2020, the On Hand Board identified these four goals for 2021:

  • Internal Operations- We identified funding sources for projects and found new leaders for our community.
  • Workforce- We created the Hand County Recruitment Program and received funds from the GOED to help businesses attract and keep full time employees.
  • Business Retention and Succession- We are completing this goal with small wins every single day. I have visited over 90 business and work with them on plans for the future. We also work with businesses with our Revolving Loan Fund and have over $600,000 out in our county. We are also working with a group about a future hotel project. And we celebrated a win by selling our last lot in the industrial park.
  • Attraction/Promotion of Miller- We celebrated completing this goal with continued communication to the public by articles and social media posts. On Hand Development also presented at three state wide events to talk about how we work together as a community to achieve goals.

On Hand Development has had a lot of small wins to celebrate for 2021 and we still have a lot of work to do. Small wins focus on the here and now, showing On Hand’s current activities. While they should be celebrated, our work is FAR from over. We don’t celebrate small wins forever. We focus on the next small win and achieving the long-range goals.

We also talked at our meeting about all of the small wins for our entire community. Some of the projects mentioned: Annie, The Christmas Light Show, the Flowers on Main Street, Sales tax increase, coming together and painting the Teason home, the completion of the bathhouse at Crystal Park, Pipestone Farm, businesses doing great business, and how COVID 19 kept people in our community. We celebrated our entire community. Hand County is thriving and we need to continue to keep celebrating the big and small wins!

What are some of the small wins you are celebrating? Stop by my office sometime and fill me in. By everyone celebrating the small wins, we are filling our community with more hope and happiness.

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