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Last week, I was visiting with a business owner about hiring a new full-time employee and taking advantage of our employee recruitment program. This business is matching $1000 for recruitment funds to help attract and retain a new employee to our area. This new employee will get $2000 for working in Hand County for a year. This whole conversation really got me thinking that I need to remind businesses about the programs that we offer at On Hand for any business in Hand County.  

I know its hard to remember all of the programs and benefits out there for businesses. You are running your business, taking care of your family, managing employees, volunteering, doing books, managing inventory, and list goes on and on. My biggest recommendation is to check in with me once in a while. I try to visit as many businesses as possible but its not realistic for me to catch every single one once a year. I have tried. And it’s not realistic for you to remember what we talked about a year ago.

If your business is hiring, you need to contact myself at Kecia@millersd.org or (605)853-3098 and get your job listing on our FREE listing at www.millersd.org. We have helped just over 40 businesses hiring full or part time employees. This page on our website sees an average of 7050 hits per month. Most of our views on our page come from within South Dakota but we are seeing significant action from Texas, Minnesota and Nevada.

We also suggest advertising in all of the other ways you can think of; newspaper, radio, social media and word of mouth. On Hand is constantly telling our story in all areas for our entire community on as many platforms as we can. We don’t talk about one position in particular but all of the opportunities that are in our community for people looking to relocate.

If you are hiring FULL TIME employees, you need to visit with me about utilizing funds from our employee recruitment program. The biggest rule is you need to visit with me BEFORE you hire employees to make sure we are following the easy steps to get your new employee funds. These funds are going fast but there are still some available for 2022. All you have to do is hire someone full time and they have to work in Hand County for a year. On Hand will match up to $1500 per employee and that dollar amount is completely up to you. We have matched as little as $250 up to $1500. No minimum dollar amount and the maximum is $1500. So, if you chose the max, the employee would get $3000 to work in Hand County. This program is super easy to use and fast. We can get the information processed in little as a week. This program is a first come first served basis and businesses can use it more than once. This year, we have utilized this program to help recruit and retain eight full time employees in Hand County.

A few of the most received questions from the Employee Recruitment Program:

What happens if the employee doesn’t stay for a year?
Answer- The employee shall repay the described relocation allowance in full to the employer. The employer then reimburses On Hand Development Corporation for their portion.

What businesses are eligible to use the recruitment program?
Answer- ANY business in Hand County hiring Full-Time employees. 

How do I start?

Answer- Call Kecia at (605)853-3098 or Kecia@millersd.org

These are just two easy ways that On Hand Development can help your business with recruitment and retention of potential employees. We can’t help you if we don’t know your situation so make sure to visit with myself or any board member about the programs that we offer and how they work. 

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