On Hand Development Announces New Hand County Recruitment Program

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After visiting with almost every business in Hand County, the number one problem On Hand Development recognized is finding full time help. On Hand Development went to work right away and created the Hand County Recruitment Program.

On Hand Development has set aside $15,000 and implemented the program to assist ANY Hand County business to recruit employees to fill full time job openings.

How does it work? The business and On Hand are part of an agreement which will provide a new employee hired through the Hand County Recruitment Program up to $15000. The amount of the allowance is up to the business. So, if the business wants to set the amount at $1000, On Hand would provide $500 and the business $500 for that person.

How are the funds disbursed? The fund will then be disbursed over a twelve-month period as follows:

  • The first disbursement at the beginning of employee’s employment at the recruiting business.
  • The second disbursement after the employee has completed six months of employment at the recruiting business.
  • The third and final payment after the employee has completed one year of employment at the recruiting business.

On Hand Development funds shall be dispersed to the employer and the employer will then pay the employee.

What employees are eligible? To receive the funds the employee must:

  • Stay employed with the employer’s business in Hand County for one year
  • Be hired as a full-time employee in Hand County

What happens if the employee doesn’t meet the requirements? The employee shall repay the described the funds in full to the employer. The employer shall than reimburse On Hand Development for their portion.

What businesses can utilize this program? ANY business in Hand County that is hiring full-time employees. It’s on a first come first served basis so once the funding is gone, it’s gone. All participating businesses must sign up with On Hand before they hire an employee to get enrolled.

How are we attracting employees to our area? On Hand will be marketing this program thru local media, business visits, a social media campaign, and radio interviews to attract the attention of prospective employees.

We hope with this program will assist Hand County businesses in finding the help that they need to make their businesses even more successful!

More questions? Call Kecia at On Hand at 853-3098.

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