Need a new sign or awning replacement?

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Economic Development is proud of the improvements being made around our community. We are especially proud to be a small part of making Hand County look better with our sign and awning program. 

First, I would like to take a moment to share some information with you about On Hand Development’s awning program. Over the years, On Hand Development has heard lots of compliments on how professional and welcoming Miller’s Main Street looks.  This is due in part to the awning and sign programs.  When On Hand put up the first awnings in 2002, we were told that the life of the awning fabric would be between 7-10 years.  Many of our awnings are reaching or surpassing the end of that life expectancy and many awnings have been replaced and look wonderful. The business is the sole owner of the awning and is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep; however, On Hand does have a program designed to help with the financial burden this may cause.

On Hand will provide a 25% grant to any business for the installation of replacement fabric up to $1500.00.  We will also provide a low interest loan (2%) for the remaining 75% of the replacement cost. All we need is an invoice for your awning so that we can begin the grant/loan process.

Need a new sign to go with that awning? On Hand Development has a sign program. The sign program grants Miller area businesses 50% of the cost of a new sign or up to $750 for new signage. Now, you must fill out an application and provide a photo or drawing of the future sign and a copy of the invoice.

Does the sign and awning programs have to be a business on Main Street or a new business? We will work with ANY business in Hand County if they want to take advantage of our program and they follow the guidelines of the programs. 

Let’s keep Miller the envy of other rural communities in South Dakota. Call me at 853-3098 if you any additional questions or need help finding the companies for the awnings or signs.

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