Love Where You Live

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I truly love where we live. Some people have told me that I am the biggest cheerleader for our area and I will always take that as the biggest compliment. When someone asks me where I live, I always smile and say the greatest small town in South Dakota, Miller!

This love for my community didn’t come with my job title. It came because I GET to live here and I GET to make this my home. Plus, I have practiced loving where I live by exploring it and getting to know it and the people.

Whether you’ve lived in Hand County your whole life or are just making Hand County home, here are five simple ways to help you love where you live.

  • Set A Challenge-. Challenge yourself to spend as much time in our community at all of the different options here. Challenge yourself and your family to visit all of the places in our community. Make sure to eat at ALL of the restaurants, visit all of the parks, shop at all of the stores. I know one family that every Tuesday night they get food from a different place in town. I know another that makes sure to do their shopping at every store and not just one.
  • Join Something- This could be a church, the library, a club that meets regularly, the Friendship Center, or any other place that gets people involved. And don’t just join… get INVOLVED! You will be amazed of all of the options that we have here to be involved and meet new people.
  • Host a party- This doesn’t have to be a Pinterest perfect party. This could be a girl’s night with cheese, wine, and your portable speaker. Make a pan of browniesor a batch of chocolate chip cookies and have a few families over for dessert on Sunday night. Pop some popcorn and invite a few people over to watch the premier of a show you like. Invite all of your neighbors over and have them bring something so everyone can get to know each other in your backyard.
  • Invite People from Out of Town to Visit- This one will blow your mind. People who visit our area are amazed at our shopping options, our food, and our hospitality. Invite people you know to spend the weekend right here and take them on a tour of our area. Visit Lake Louise and have a picnic, play golf, go to the Drive In, the Race Track, a ball game, hit Main Street, take a walk in Crystal Park, or go hunting. Your guests will LOVE it here and that will help you love our community even more.
  • Learn As Much As You Can About Your Community- Some would think this is especially important for transplants and new folks but in reality, this is something we all need to do because things change. Learn as much as you can by reading The Miller Press, following local groups on Facebook, asking questions to the business owners, and the employees in the stores. Those that were born and raised here might be surprised what you will learn.

I am 100% convinced that we get to live in the most wonderful community in all of South Dakota. I will continue to tell people how much I love this community and continue to support the services, businesses, and people in it because I want my grandkids to come back to this area and have the same love for our community as I do.      

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