Great Leaders Put Funding Behind Passion

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Most readers already know my passion for rural and for Hand County. I believe that all of the leaders in Hand County share that passion for our community and they back that passion up with the necessary funding.  

The mission of On Hand Development Corporation is to maintain and assist in the expansion of existing businesses and support the growth of new businesses while striving to improve the economy of the Miller area.

A little history about On Hand:

  • 1971 the Miller Community Development was formed
  • 1986 A Committee to research industrial development was created
  • 1986 Ordinance #471 was approved- The purpose of this ordinance was to provide additional needed revenue for the City of Miller, Hand County, SD by imposing a municipal retail sales and use tax pursuant to the powers granted to the municipality by the State of South Dakota, effective the first day of November 1988.
  • 1990 the First meeting of On Hand Development was held

Since On Hand was formed in 1990, sales tax revenue grew every year except for one year over this past 30 years! That is an impressive statistic that most communities can’t say. Growing tax revenue is just one example of the success of On Hand and putting funding behind passion.

Today, OHDC is funded through the City of Miller and Hand County. We greatly appreciate the City and the County working together with us and everyone’s passion for our community. Without funding, our passion would be limited.

We need adequate funding to help with projects and keep things going for the future.

Upcoming projects for On Hand include:

  • A new hotel
  • New Industrial Park
  • Housing Development
  • Bike Path Project
  • Promotion of Miller
  • And so much more.

On Hand’s success has created projects that continue to generate income, provide jobs, generate sales and ensure the future of this community. Our passion for this community is strong and funding is necessary for our projects and passion to continue for the future.

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