Feel Good About Where You Spend Your Money

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I was visiting with someone the other day about grocery shopping and they mentioned how they “ran” to Walmart in Huron to get a few things but they went at a strange time during the day so that they wouldn’t run into anyone they knew. I was embarrassed for them. I listened and when they were finished telling me about what they bought (all things they could get in town) I replied with, “Don’t you want to feel GOOD about where you are spending your money? Don’t you want to be proud and have a positive shopping experience versus being embarrassed about where you spent you your money?”  

Now, I didn’t say this to make them feel bad or to be mean. I said this to educate them. I am honest. I say what’s on my mind and I think we need more of that. We need people to tell other people the truth on why it matters where you spend your money.

Do you feel good about yourself when you go to Walmart to save 25 cents on paper towels? Or go to Huron to get something that you can’t get in Miller and then spend another hundred dollars on stuff that you could but you were already there so what the heck? I am betting you don’t feel good about spending money out of town if you don’t have to.

My challenge to you is to not only shop local but educate our friends and neighbors on the benefits of shopping local. One of the biggest benefits is you feel GOOD. You feel good when you buy something local because you know where that money is going… back to your community. Back to the community that has it all and gives everything back. I know I feel good when I go into Rexall or Polly’s or wherever to get what I need because those people selling the products and services are GOOD people. They are people who care about me and our community. They are the people who pay taxes, who give to every fundraiser in town, support our Main Street, support events, and so much more!

I don’t go shopping in Miller in hopes that no one will see me. I am not embarrassed for supporting local businesses. I am PROUD to spend money here. Let’s continue to be proud of where we spend our money and spread the message that we need others to do the same thing. We need to support the businesses that are supporting our community. Feel good about where you spend your money and help our community thrive!

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