Employee Recruitment Program

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Last fall, our business community let us know that they were looking for qualified applicants to fill numerous jobs in Miller and Hand County. In response, On Hand Development implemented an employee recruitment program to assist our businesses.

The program includes an advertising campaign to spread the word about the job opportunities and an incentive program to entice applicants to accept a job in Hand County. Our goal has been to help our businesses hire a total of 10 new employees.

The results of the program have been successful so far. Four people have filled job openings in a variety of positions. They include a veterinary technician, a precision ag technician, a certified nursing assistant, and a radiology technician. All of these folks have moved to Miller and have become part of our community.

The economic impact on our area is significant. Job openings have been filled and that helps businesses reach their potential. The newcomers all need housing, they shop in our local stores, and they pay taxes and utilities. The economic impact of those four new employees is over $300,000 per year. That is almost 10 times the amount we have invested in the program. For a community like Miller this is a big success.

For more information on the Miller Has Jobs program and job openings that are still available, just visit our website at www.millersd.org.

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