Does your business have a website?

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I recently read an article titled “Google Brings Website Assistance to South Dakota Businesses”. That got me thinking, how many of our local businesses have a website? If I was to type in a few key words related to a local business, would I be able to find that business? Chances are I would not find what I was looking for which leads to missed opportunities not only for the local business but for Miller as well.

 I would be safe in saying that many of the small businesses tend to shy away from websites because what they are doing has worked for them. And they are correct, but there is so much more out there. On Hand Development Corporation is currently working on revamping the website. This new website will eventually be linked to a Regional website. What a great amount of exposure this could bring.

Miller is in the middle of an Employee Recruitment Program and thus far we have signed up 12 people not to mention the numerous calls that we have fielded. When we asked these callers how they heard about us, they say the Internet. If people are searching Miller and our website, it would be very beneficial for our local businesses to get some of that exposure. We may know what great shopping and services are offered in our town, but the outsider does not.

I would like to encourage small businesses to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Either participate in the Google program or partake in your own. The Google program offers participating businesses a free website, free tools, training and resources for one year. If any business is interested in working in a website, please stop in the On Hand Development office and we would love to help you.

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