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I sat down with a business owner this week and he asked me to write about what resources we have for Hand County Businesses. Below is the “twitter” version of our services for any Hand County Businesses

  • Free Business Planning Assistance- Connecting professional business planner for free and create a business plan complete with projected sales figures, projected expenses, and available financing options.
  • Sign Program- The sign program grants Hand County businesses 50% of the cost of a new sign or up to $750 for new signage. You must fill out an application and provide a photo or drawing of the future sign and a copy of the invoice.
  • Awning Program- On Hand will provide a 25% grant to any business for the installation of replacement fabric up to $1500.00. We will also provide a low interest loan (2%) for the remaining 75% of the replacement cost.
  • Sidewalk Loan- On Hand Development will proved a low interest loan (2%) for replacement costs of sidewalks.
  • Employee Recruitment Program- On Hand Development has set aside $15,000 and implemented the program to assist any Hand County business to recruit employees to fill full time job openings. The business and On Hand are part of an agreement which will provide a new employee hired through the Hand County Recruitment Program up to $1500. The amount of the allowance is up to the business.
  • Help Wanted Listing- We list all jobs in Hand County for free for any business in the area to help attract employees for area businesses.
  • Business Listing- We list all businesses in Hand County for free on our website All businesses have to do is contact Kecia with the information that they would like on the website. We also feature a different business on our Facebook page every week and link their page.
  • Revolving Loan Fund- Our RLF program provides funding for new and existing businesses alike. Currently, we have eight active business loans for a total of over $600,000. We work alongside a bank financing and in conjunction with your owner equity to create a desirable loan package. There is a wide variety of ways the RLF can be used, such as: land, building purchase, new construction, inventory expansion, new equipment, and countless other business needs.

Another service we provide is helping people find a location for their new business or a better location for their existing business. So far in 2022, we have visited with four potential new businesses identifying properties that would work for their business.

These are just a few of the ways we have been assisting our local business owners and prospective business owners. We are involved in a multitude of other activities that impact our local economy. If you would like to inquire about any of these services or ask how OHDC can assist your business, please stop by the office or call 853-3098. I would love to talk to you about how On Hand can help your business grow!

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