Bring Your A Game, Miller!

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On Hand Development hosted a free workshop for anyone in Hand County who wants to Bring Their A Game to work! This was the 2nd workshop we hosted in the last year and after folks leave, they always feel more energized and excited to head to work.

The workshop got me thinking about how Miller folks can bring their A Game to our community! To start, let me tell you the “A” s that we covered:  Appearance- Ambition- Attendance – and Appreciation.

Appearance is an easy one. Let’s take pride in the appearance of our community, just like we take pride in our personal appearance. What if we all helped pick up garbage, pull weeds, or help make our community look better in some small way? We would all be making our community better and we could see that impact daily.

We learned that ambition drives goals. Employees who bring ambition to work will take steps to learn more about their jobs and the company they work for. The same is true for citizens of our community. Citizens who bring ambition to their community will take steps to learn more about their area and their community. Citizens will establish long-term goals, work toward them, and ultimately achieve those goals. What are some long-term goals for Hand County? A new swimming pool, additional housing, a shooting range, a full industrial park? Ambition drives these goals to happen!

We learned that attendance is so much more than just showing up to work. Employees who bring reliable attendance to work will demonstrate daily to their employer by being punctual, come prepared to work, and stay on task. Showing up is step number one for your community. Let’s change what we learned to how we can use it in Hand County… Citizens who bring reliable attendance to events will demonstrate to their community by being on time, prepared to work, and stay on task.  How successful would our events be if people showed up and ready to work!

Appreciation was the last A we worked on and one of my favorites that everyone needs a reminder on. Employees who bring appreciation to work will recognize that consumers decide which businesses they will support based upon the service employee provided. Change that up… Citizens of Hand County who bring appreciation to our community will recognize that people decide which community they will support based upon the greeting or first impression that citizen provided. Citizens who bring appreciation to their community will be kind in their community, even if the don’t feel like it all the time. Citizens who bring appreciation to their community will identify behaviors that go above and beyond the basic levels of being a “good citizen.”

Leaving that short two-hour workshop got us all motivated and energized to work harder for our employers’ and I hope that it brings some kind of excitement to our community.

Can you imagine what would happen if we all brought our “A” game to Hand County? What kind of impact would that have?

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