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A couple weeks ago, I sat on a panel for a local scholarship and had the opportunity to sit down with Miller High School Seniors to talk about their high school experience and their future. I was very pleased about their answers in how they are involved in our community, their work ethic, and where they see themselves in the “real world.” It was very encouraging to hear that most of them want to be in rural communities and back home someday.

As our graduates prepare to enter into the “real world”, most are getting ready to leave home in order to receive additional education and training. It is with a sad heart that we let them go. But it is with a determined mind and spirit that On Hand Development Corporation works even harder to ensure that they are given a chance to return back to Hand County to raise their families in the hometown that nurtured them. An amazing number of our Miller High School alumni have done just exactly that! They came back as doctors, lawyers, firemen, nurses, teachers, bankers, construction workers, clergy, retail business owners, farmers and ranchers, accountants, pharmacists, and real estate agents just to name a few.

So, what sort of work do we need to do to get those graduates back? According to On Hand Development’s strategic planning session last November, the areas of focus include housing, business development and quality of life.

Recognizing a need for safe, affordable, workforce housing in Miller, On Hand Development is working on a new housing development in Miller that will have 12 lots for new homes. These 12 lots will give new and current residents the opportunity to build a home in our community and open up other homes for sale in our community as well.   

On Hand Development’s mission is to support existing businesses while at the same time seeking and enticing new businesses to come into our area.  We also lend support as businesses transition when owners are ready to retire. Empty buildings need to be filled and entrepreneurs found to keep the business climate strong in Miller. Emphasis on shopping local continues as we work closely with Miller C & C on events and promotions in our community.

The real draw for people to live and work in a small town is quality of life. These 2022 graduates already know that Hand County has so much to offer for a small, “big” town. Communities need to continue to invest in quality of life in order to get alumni to come back and also new folks to make the move. We take quality of life very serious around On Hand and we will continue to make sure people know the importance.

Yes, our future looks bright!  Yes, the Miller High School Seniors have a bright future! Yes, Hand County is a great place to work and live! Yes, we want more people involved! The process is called gathering community and the results of our efforts will hopefully draw those graduates back to our area. Congratulations graduates! We will be ready for your return.

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