Board – Not Bored!

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Board – Not Bored!

Behind many great organizations and governing bodies is usually a dedicated board of directors, and believe me they are not bored!  Their job is to guide and direct their various organizations, businesses, and government entities to the best of their ability representing children, constituents, citizens and customers. 

On Hand Development Corporation’s business and affairs are managed by a Board of Directors. According to the bylaws, On Hand Development’s Board consists of three different types of board directors: “finance directors” (representing both banks), “appointed directors” (chosen by the existing board of Directors), “at large directors” (elected at the annual meeting) and “governmental directors” (representing city, county and school). The bylaws insure that every economic development action taken by On Hand Development is thoroughly researched, discussed and considered carefully from each sector’s point of view. Members of the On Hand Development Board are: Laine Warkenthien, President, Mike Mentzer, Secretary, Natalie Bertsch, Brian Bonebright, Bryan Breitling, Brian Jones, Sarah DeHaai, Cooper Bebo, Luke Wernsmann, and Joe Zeller. These board members come with a wealth of business experience and leadership capabilities. Some are in administrative positions within their regular full time jobs, some are business owners, and all are professional and confidential with delicate, timely board information. As a whole, they are progressive thinking and are willing and able to face the future with confidence!

Within the board, there are committees that cover every aspect of On Hand Development’s mission. The committees cover finance, housing, beautification, the community center, bike trails, capital campaign, and personnel. Each committee meets at least twice a year and some more often as the need arises. The committees make recommendations to board of directors as needed.

On Hand Development is not the only organization that benefits from hardworking, thoughtful board members. The number of boards in Miller is astounding! There are boards set in place to cover virtually every need and every possible scenario we may encounter in our lives from entertainment to health (and everything in between) and from childhood to the grave.  To list all the boards that impact us on a daily basis would be a sure guarantee that one would be missed. Thanks to those who serve on various boards in the Miller area! Serving on a board takes time and effort, but can also be satisfying as board efforts benefit the community. Consider serving on a board not only to have ownership in your community but to realize what a great community we live in!

Seeking new board members is a regular routine as many have term limits. We are currently seeking board members for On Hand. Please consider contacting me if you are looking to serve your community and believe me you won’t be bored!

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