Blessed with the Best.

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How fortunate is Hand County to have so many volunteers in our community? Think about it… firefighters, EMT’s, church volunteers, board members, and the list goes on and on.

I started thinking about all of the important volunteers I GET to work with daily and came up with a list of all the people that I would like to recognize who donate their time to us.

On Hand Board Members- all volunteers. 11 people. Laine Warkenthien, Mike Mentzer, Sarah DeHaai, Mike Wetz, Jason Wilhem, Brian Jones, Natalie Bertsch, Luke Wernsmann, Joe Zeller, Brian Bonebright, and Cooper Bebo.

Miller City Council and Mayor- 7 people. Mayor; Ron Blachford, Council Members; Bob Steers, Joe Zeller, Tammy Lichty, Jeff Swartz, Tony Rangel, and Jim Odegaard.

Hand County Commissioners- 5 people. Jim Jones, Greg Palmer, Gib Rogers, Luke Wernsmann, and Jim Eschenbaum.

Beautification Committee- all volunteers. 9 people. Connie Schroeder, Brian Jones, Joe Zeller, Shar Ruhnke, John Carr, Michelle Carr, Renea Morog, Bryan Breitling, and Deb Bonebright.

Bike Trails Committee- all volunteers. 5 people. Brian Jones, Tyann Jones, Angie Anderberg, Dr. Charlene Crosswait, and Bryan Breitling.

Miller Civic and Commerce Board- all volunteers .8 people. Brooks Alexander, Greg Palmer, Jamie Russell, Pat Price, Clint Sandness, Amber Vanderwerff, Nehemiah Volquardsen, and Kimberly Sporrer.

Hand County COVID 19 Task Force- 30 volunteers. I don’t have enough space to name all 30, but our community is so fortunate to have these folks volunteer their time.

There are a lot of volunteers I call on for some random projects that I need help with. The Community Center, video projects, bulls, interviews, and lots of other “stuff”. I want to thank these folks for making us look good- Travis Anderberg, Katie Otteson, Dave Blachford, Steve Schuchmaker, Kallie Ford, Sydney Jessen, Don Nye, Nathan Nye, Steve Resel, Lenny Fischer, Tammy Caffee, Dan Fritzchse, Joe Beranek and lots of high school and elementary youth that are always willing to pitch in! 

We live in such a wonderful community with SO many helpful people who are always willing to pitch in to do whatever needs to be done. I am so very grateful for all of the volunteers who make me look good. I couldn’t do my job without these giving people.

Take a minute to thank the volunteers in our community. Their time as volunteers sometimes goes unnoticed and we need to remember we are truly a community blessed with the best!

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