Bigger Than Miller

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Last week I had the opportunity to speak to the St. Lawrence city council. I introduced myself at their monthly meeting and told them a little history and background about On Hand Development Corporation. Why is this important for me to do? On Hand Development is bigger than Miller. We work with all of Hand County and lots of organizations outside of the area.

KeciaOn Hand Development Corporation was created in 1987 by a group of citizens to help keep the Hand County area vital and growing. We have been "on hand" and working toward that goal ever since. The mission of On Hand Development Corporation is to maintain and assist in the expansion of existing businesses and support the growth of new businesses while striving to improve the economy of the Miller area.

When St. Lawrence and Ree Heights are doing good, Miller is doing good. When Miller is thriving, St. Lawrence and Ree Heights benefit. We all need to work together and communicate as much as possible for the greater good of our area.  

In addition to meeting with other towns in our county, I meet with a network of other Economic Development Professionals from around the state on a monthly basis. How does this help me in Hand County? All of these other professionals are working in the same field as myself and for the same goal in their own community. We don’t see our roles as competitors but as partners. We are partners to make South Dakota thrive! When something great is happening in Kimball, it might help Miller. When DeSmet gets a new business or project, I can connect with them and see how they made that happen.

I also work with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Northeastern Council of Government, South Dakota Housing Authority, South Dakota Small Business Association, Dakota Resources and lots of other organizations that see the bigger picture and have very similar missions and ideas for South Dakota.

It’s my goal to visit each business and organization in Hand County at least once a year. These visits and introductions are so vital so that I can be the connector for everyone and I if I don’t know about it, I can’t help.

If I need to meet with your organization or business, please call me and we will set up a time. I can be reached at the On Hand office Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM at 853-3098.

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