Benefit from Volunteering

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In July, a group of volunteers finished painting the Teason Home in Miller. I am so very proud to live in this community and be just a small part of that process. The whole story really got me thinking about volunteering and what it really does for everyone and our community.

Why volunteer? Why give up your time for someone else with no pay or reward? I came up with a short list of my own reasons to volunteer in some way, shape or form.

The Power to Change Lives- Whether you’re collecting supplies for a food bank, or painting a home, you’re making a tangible change in a person’s (or animal’s) life. Even better, you’re also giving them hope.  

The ability to involve more people. When you volunteer, you’re raising awareness for an organization and its cause. And you often mention your service to friends and family — perhaps even without noticing you’re doing it.

A physical feeling of gratification. There’s scientific evidence that volunteering positively affects your body. Studies show that when people donate to charity, either financially or through volunteering, they trigger the mesolimbic system — the portion of the brain responsible for feelings of reward. The brain releases feel-good chemicals, spurring you to perform more kind acts. Psychologists call it “helper’s high.” 

New friends and stronger friendships. When you help others, you give off positive vibes, which can rub off on peers and improve your friendships, creating strong, lasting bonds. Volunteering is an excellent way to find your “people.” 

A chance to pay it forward.Kindness is contagious. Simply seeing someone help another person gives us a good feeling. And that inspires us to do something unselfish ourselves.  

A sense that you have more time. Volunteering won’t literally give you more than 24 hours in a day. But it makes those hours seem more fulfilling. In fact, research shows that those who volunteer their time feel like they have more time.  

Feelings of gratitude. Helping others is a wonderful way to gain perspective on your own situation, and that can make you more appreciative of what you have.  

So why aren’t you volunteering? Let me guess… you are just too busy. We are all busy. But you know what else… we all have the same 24 hours in a day. You are as busy as you want to be and you prioritize what is important to you.

Are you ready to start benefiting from volunteering? Give me a call at 853-3098 and I will help you find the right spot in our community. On Hand is always looking for people wanting to give back to our community. Volunteers make things happen and we are so blessed with the best who make so much happen. I challenge you to start volunteering. I bet you will find a way to make that time to give back to your community and then you can feel the benefits from volunteering.

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