Always on The Hunt

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Here we are again… at the beginning of another hunting season in Hand County. Residents of Miller and the surrounding area are smiling when hunting season is around the corner. Hunting brings visitors to our area some who are relatives, some who are old family friends and some who are here for the first time. Hunting is Hand County’s finest tourist attraction! And like a good pheasant hunt in Hand County, On Hand Economic Development is also preparing and planning for our next big hunt. The hunt for new businesses. The hunt for new families. The hunt for a strong, economically stable area that is ideal for raising young families and yet quiet, safe and inviting to retirees.

KeciaAwareness is important for any hunt. And business hunting is no exception. We hope the business climate in our area fosters and encourages new entrepreneurs to take a chance on our town and community. What sort of support does economic development show to new businesses? On Hand Development provides supportive money for new business from gap financing to helping with signs and awnings at each place of business. Businesses can rely on the website to help advertise their business, help with job advertising, and also to find necessary information and resources.

A great hunt considers environment. Believe it or not, environment is important to economic development too! When prospective employees interview in Miller, housing is one of the first topics discussed. We just sold our second Governor’s House and working on a potential new housing development. Safe, affordable housing is a necessary goal!

What else creates a good hunt? How about tradition? The same gun your grandpa used, the familiar fields and faces, and the events that you take part of every year. Many events take place every year during pheasant season. Miller C & C is once again doing their “Rooster Release” event. Pheasants are tagged with numbers and each corresponding number has a prize associated with it.

Finally, all the other components come together to make a great hunt for a new business or new family coming to Miller: accredited schools, great medical services and facilities, healthy downtown businesses, low crime rates, strong infrastructure, and of course friendly and compassionate people.

As Millers Economic Development Director, I am always on the hunt for business opportunities, new families and new creative ideas to help existing businesses in Miller. Have a fun and safe hunting season! Enjoy everything that Miller and the surrounding area has to offer.

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