All Of The Things Right Here.

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This is the hardest time of year for our small businesses, there is no better time to emphasize the importance of that simple act, and it really is that simple. Do you have groceries to buy for the week? Buy them from our local grocery store. Do you have Valentines Day presents to get? Buy them from our local businesses. Need cleaning supplies? There are a ton of options locally.

You clearly can’t buy everything in Miller.  I know you can’t downtown and grab that Vikings jersey or the best Pokémon Card. For those types of items buyers have no choice but to go elsewhere or hop online. Nobody is suggesting you shouldn’t do so. On Hand Development suggests online is better in those situations because when you order online, the community that receives the product, gets the sales tax.

But for that thing that you use every single day- toilet paper, soap, food or that unique gift, then look no further than our own business district.  

Local businesses that do not feel the direct support from their own community feel that, and with margins razor thin in many circumstances and major online stores only ramping up their game, things are only going to get tougher for mom-and-pop shops everywhere. And this time of the year is especially tough for all of our small businesses.

Imagine if in 2020 we didn’t have Kessler’s or Dollar General in our community? Would you have felt safe driving to Huron, Pierre, or anywhere else getting your everyday essentials? Driving 45 miles for milk, bread, and eggs does not sound like fun. What happens when the stores we love go out of business?  What happens when the grocery store can no longer make it because everyone is opting for other options?

Then, that’s just one more thing that goes away. It’s one more asset our community loses. It’s one more person we lose in our community. It’s more kids we lose in our school district.

This isn’t hard. Buy all the things that you can in right here in our community.

All. The. Things. 

Do it as often as possible and go elsewhere when you must.

This is a message that is repeated frequently, not only by On Hand Development but by others in our community who recognize the value of buying from local sources. Yet many still choose options that have no benefit to their own community. That will likely always be the case. But if this article can sink in to at least one more person, that’s one more buyer who might just help save a business…and our community.

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