“Pitching” Miller

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Last week, I had the opportunity to “Pitch” Miller to two different groups of potential hotel investors. I had three minutes to tell them why to invest in Miller. This process is brand new to me but surprisingly came really easy. I thought of the “pitch” much like I would anyone who was looking at moving to Miller

I started with the basics. Our convenient location on highway 14 and 45, population, distance to other communities, etc. Then I went into my favorites. All of our options. What to do on the weekends, events, businesses, and all we offer here. 

After talking about my favorites, I followed up with facts. Our hotel study information, property information, number of visitors, incentives and partners. Turns out we have way more incentives here than anyone could have thought of.

The Community Center came next. This is a big one. I talked about the number of events we have every year and how many people those events bring to our area.

I went on to explain how we could attract bigger events if we had more options for people to stay. Example- Back in 2019, I had a regional organization want to bring a large conference to Miller and our Community Center with over 100 people. They wanted to have a two-day conference in Miller with food, meetings, and a social, but because we didn’t have enough hotel rooms in town, they decided to go to another community that fit their need. They were so disappointed because they loved everything about Miller that I love- the location, Main Street, options for food, shopping and the Community Center.

I went past my three minutes by a minute which isn’t too bad considering all of the great things I had to talk about. I will let you know how that “pitch” went after I hear back from them. Any opportunity I get to speak to people about the community I love is an opportunity I jump at every time.

The hardest part of my job isn’t “pitching” Miller. The pitch is my favorite and the easiest. The hardest part of my job is the conversation about options in our community with locals. We need to have options in our community in order to attract and keep people here. We need options for food, places to stay, things to do, shopping, and everything in between. If we don’t have those options, the “pitch” would be harder.

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