GROW South Dakota Revolving Loan Fund

GROW South Dakota Can

  • Partial guarantee or participate on bank loans to businesses

  • Provide counsel, referrals, and mediation to businesses in need of assistance

Loan Programs

  • Business Loans

  • Housing Loans

Over 90 area banks participate with GROW SD's loan programs. If you would like a loan application, contact a GROW SD representative or visit our website, GROW SD helps businesses that are operating to earn a profit. The business must adhere to federal and state guidelines.

GROW SD works with the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC). Businesses who would like assistance planning, financial projections, and overall business management may contact the Small Business Development Center. They provide professional, confidential and no-cost business consulting services, including one-on-one counseling and training, to individuals starting a business or looking for ways to improve an existing business. The SBDC is located at 416 Production Street North, Aberdeen, SD 57401. They can be reached by phone: (605) 626-2565 or fax: (605) 626-2667, or Email.