Miller Community Center


  • Banquet Room
  • $750 - Full Gym Rental (Weddings and other events that need two or more days)
  • $500 - One Day Gym Rental
  • $250 - Partial Gym Rental (3 hours) or Funerals/Fundraisers
  • $25/Hr - Kid Birthday Parties (3 hours) / Includes kitchen - Must have adult supervision! Donation Request - church, youth activities including sports events


  • $200 - Full Meeting Room Rental
  • $100 - Partial Rental (3 hrs.)
  • $75 - Funeral/Non-profit or charitable fundraiser Donation Request - Church or youth activity


  • $150 - Business and events
  • $75 - Non-profit or charitable fundraiser Donation Request - Church or youth activity


  • $200 - With Gym Rentals: Business, events, wedding, family reunions, class reunions, and auctions
  • $100 - With Meeting Room Rentals/Fundraisers/Funerals/Partial Rentals **Also for rent: TABLES - Round/Rectangle $20.00 (large) / $10.00 (smaller)


  • $2.00 each

Rental fee is due at the time you obtain key access to the building for your event. All prices are negotiable and do include use of the kitchen. Renter is responsible for all setup including tables and chairs. Renter is also responsible for the removal of items brought into the space, including decorations and garbage.

A security deposit of 50% of rental fee will be collected at the time of reservation. This deposit will be returned to the renter after the space has been found in acceptable condition after the event. The deposit will be forfeited by the renter if the event is cancelled or if the space has been found in an unacceptable condition after the event.

For more detailed information about renting the Miller Community Center, click here. A rental agreement must be filled out to prior to renting the facility. Call or email Megan Fritsche at On Hand Development at 853-3098 to reserve the center for your event!