Where did September go?

Thursday, October 03, 2019

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Where did September go?

Does anyone else feel like September flew by? Megan and I were talking and realized September is long gone. So, where did September go?

I think we feel this way because we had a crazy, busy month… Megan went and toured other community centers for ideas, I attended a 2 day training conference, I worked and help organize the Career Here Event, I toured lots of businesses around the region for research and ideas, we had paperwork for the 2nd Governor’s House, our daily paperwork and bills, we filled out a request for information from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, we met with the city and residents on sidewalks, and I had business visits in Hand County.

I can’t write an article on everything we have done here at On Hand in September, but I can tell you some of our highlights. When Megan toured the other community centers, she noticed that Miller’s Community Center has it going on. We have a better meeting room and nicer, bigger facility overall. Megan has also been busy booking the center for the 2020 wedding season. To date, she has six big weddings booked for next year. So, if you are looking to book for 2020, you better give her a call.

The Career Here Event was once again a huge success. We had over 250 students from Redfield, Miller, Hitchcock/Tulare, Northwestern, and Wolsey/Wessington. 68% of the students that took our survey said they would come back to live and work if there was an opportunity available for them in our region. It was great to see the students mingle with potential employers from around the area. We had the Miller business community represented this year and I hope to get more businesses to participate next year.

We had some exciting developments with housing in September. We are in the process of selling our 2nd Governor’s House. It’s not a done deal, but we are really close to closing and making a home for a family of four. On Hand is in the very early stages of a new housing development. Lots more information on this coming soon.

I am scheduling business visits daily and making my way to every business in Hand County. In September, I caught up with 15. Since I have started here in May, I have made it to over 60 and I am scheduling for October. If I haven’t visited your businesses yet and you have something you need to talk about, please call me and we will set something up immediately. I can’t help you if I don’t know.

So, where did September go? It went to the Miller Community Center, the Career Here Event, a 2-day training event, businesses in Hand County, sidewalks, housing, a potential new business in the area, and research. Bring on October and the projects to come.  

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