Gathering of Rural Changemakers

Monday, June 24, 2019

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Gathering of Rural Changemakers

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend RuralX a two-day rural economic development and community development event in in Mitchell hosted by Dakota Resources. Now in its fourth year, RuralX was the chance for me to connect and engage with a network of rural changemakers- “thinkers and doers” from across the state. I got inspired to help Miller through motivational keynote speakers, powerful new ideas, bold breakout sessions and topics that are relevant to rural community and economic development. RuralX takes pride in bringing in local, regional, and national speakers with diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for rural success. This was not a conference like I have ever been to. It was an experience!

My heart is all about rural and Miller. This experience was a wonderful place for me to network with other economic development leaders who have the same passion for rural and have similar struggles in their communities. I got to discuss ideas and strategies that can make Miller thrive.

Now is the time to shape our rural community! “This moment. The one we have right now, is the chance of a lifetime. I am not interested in wasting. Are you?”- Seth Godin.

Are you interested in being a Rural Changemaker right here in Miller? You don’t have to sit on a board in town or work for On Hand… all you have to do is have a passion for Miller. I am looking for Miller’s thinkers and doers to help keep Miller thriving. Contact me if you are interested in being part of the solution to keep Miller thriving.

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