Hi! I’m Kecia Beranek. As of May 6, I am the new Executive Director of On Hand Development. I am so excited to be here and get to work but first I want to take a paragraph to tell you a little bit about myself.

 To set the record straight, I am not from Miller but everyone around town   assumes that I am. I was born and raised in Freeman, SD and graduated     from Black Hills State University. I worked in Deadwood for two years for   the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce and then bought Willie’s Bar and   Grill in St. Lawrence before calling Miller home. This is not my first time working for On Hand Development Corporation. I worked as the Assistant from 2012-2014 and my how things have grown. I call Miller home with my husband Joe, and our two busy boys Lincoln and Miles. I have been training with Tammy Caffee, and I couldn’t be more grateful for her support and knowledge.

Taking over for a director who has a background in education, you can imagine my training was thorough, and I suspect she had some sort of lesson plans and a red pen associated with it! Here are a few of my take-aways from my recent training:

  1. I am not alone!  There are resource providers all around the state of South Dakota ready and willing to help me with projects that will benefit my community.  The ones I can remember are GOED (Governor’s Office of Economic Development), NECOG (NE Council of Governments), Dakota Resources, SDHDA (South Dakota Housing Development Authority), Grow SD, USDA Rural Development and of course our own board and community members who are supportive and encouraging.
  2. The field of economic development has many aspects to it including business retention and attraction, small business development, housing, marketing communities, and youth involvement.  Working in each of these fields and keeping projects going to me seems like a great juggling act!  With honest hard work and lots of practice, I hope to be a great juggler that can take on a spinning plate or two and even a hula hoop all while juggling those clubs, rings and balls.
  3. Work is never done - - and always considers the future! I’m honored to be in a position that will help me reach into that future.  While the work might seem daunting at times, it will be rewarding to see how On Hand Development continues to positively affect our community.
  4. Check out Miller soon and be a part of our fun summer activities such as drive-in movies, Wissota car races, lake adventures, and enjoy a great shopping experience.

Home - Yes I Am Home!

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26 January 2018

Be it ever so humble - there’s no place like it – and it’s where the heart is…

On Hand Development has been knee deep in housing this past fall. At our Strategic Planning session a year ago in November, one of the housing goals was to place at least one Governor’s House in Miller and now 13 months later, we have two Governor’s Houses under our belt. It’s exciting to see the interest in Governor’s Houses and to learn about the program and what it can do for the community.

The Governor’s House Program was started in 1996 putting prison inmates to work learning marketable skills for life after prison while at the same time providing affordable, energy efficient, low maintenance homes to those who may otherwise not be able to afford one. The first homes were referred to as “cottages” and were limited to those 62 and older with no restrictions on income or assets. They had 1 bedroom and 672 sq. ft. Over the years, the houses evolved to two and three bedroom homes with 1,008 and 1,200 sq ft. respectively. As of Nov. 2017, there have been 2,640 homes sold and placed in every county and virtually every city in SD! A Governor’s house usually serves as a great starter home for young families but can just as easily be used as a retirement home that is easy to maintain.

The homes come with oak kitchen and bath cabinets, electric or gas forced air heat, vinyl lap siding, windows with .27U-value insulated glass, 2 x 6 exterior wall construction with R-21 batt insulation and R7.5 x XPS foam sheathing. The homes are eligible for Energy STAR Certification if the owner chooses. The price (includes delivery and placement) is $44,700 for the two bedroom and $51,700 for the three bedroom homes.

In order to purchase a Governor’s Home, buyers must income qualify. To qualify, household income cannot exceed $48,300 for couples or individuals and $55,200 for families of three or more. For families and individuals under age 62, net worth must be less than $90,000 and less than $70,000 in liquid assets. For families and individuals 62 and older, net worth must be less than $175,000 and less than $100,000 in liquid assets.  The house must be used as the homebuyer's only residence and must be placed within South Dakota and owned by the individual living in the home.           

The end result?  Families moving into our area – filling our schools, filling job vacancies, providing necessary services to our community and bringing fresh new life to our town! If you are interested in learning more,contact Tammy Caffee at On Hand Development Corporation @ 853-3098.

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