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Miller C&C Minutes- April 2014

May 22, 2014

Category: Miller C&C Minutes

Miller C&C Minutes- April 2014

Miller Civic & Commerce Minutes

April 10, 2014 – On Hand Development Office


The regular meeting of the Miller Civic & Commerce Association was called to order by President Greg Palmer at 12:02 pm.  Members present were Greg Palmer, Amber Werdel, Nancy Lewellen, Joe Beranek, Katie Eschenbaum and Leah Baloun.  Absent was Shar Ruhnke and Daryn Pederson. Also present was OHDC Assistant Director Kecia Beranek.

Meeting Minutes – motion to approve meeting minutes for March 13, 2014 was made by Leah Baloun. Motion was seconded by Nancy Lewellen motion carried.

Financials – motion to approve March financials was made by Katie Eschenbaum Motion was seconded by Amber Werdel, motion carried. 

“Caught Doing it Right” – Kecia printed out the “Caught Doing it Right Award” for the volunteers of the Community Center nominated by Tiffany Hofer, OHDC. She will email it out to members and post it around town. 

1st dollar awards – Cowboy Country Store needs to be rescheduled and need to schedule Family Way Restaurant. Oakley Farm and Ranch Supply will also need to be scheduled at some time.

Easter Egg Hunt – Greg reported that the eggs for the hunt are in as well as the Easter Bunny Suit. He also added a “Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt” Saturday, April 19th at 9:00 pm.  

Working Women’s Luncheon – Nancy reported that all the food is ordered and the event is set. The advertising should come out in the paper on Wednesday, April 16. Kecia has already gotten 71 women registered for the event.  

4th of July – Katie and Amber reported that 260 raffle tickets have been sold so far. The Museum is taking over the feed after the parade for a fundraiser. They also reported that after a lot of difficulty with the Miller Press the 4th of July information will be a direct mailer this year. They will still post the schedule of events with the press. They will be selling tickets at the Working Women’s Luncheon and the annual meeting.

 New Board Member – Kecia brought in a letter of resignation from Mike Ruth. Joe Beranek made the motion to vote Steve Schumacher as the new board member to replace Mike Ruth.  Leah Baloun seconded the motion carried.

Annual Meeting- The OHDC & C&C annual meeting is set for Monday, April 28th at 5:30 pm at the Miller Golf Course. Kecia reported the OHDC would like to see the C&C pick the local speaker for the event.  Ideas for speakers were the Oakleys with Oakley repair with all of their new things going on and the Grain terminal. Board members whose terms are up at the annual meeting are Daryn Pederson, Steve Schumacher, and Joe Beranek. Daryn and Steve said they would like to stay on. Joe Beranek was undecided at this time.

Shop Local Campaign- Kecia has visited with several local business owners about a local campaign and their ideas, thoughts on how to go about this event.  

Quarterly Newsletter- Kecia printed out the April Quarterly Newsletter. She will email it out to the board first and then to the C&C membership and post it online.

On-Hand Updates – Kecia updated everyone on the Annual Banquet. She also updated the C&C about the Community Wide Strategic Planning Session soon coming up and how OHDC would like to see lots of people involved in that session.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55 pm