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Miller C&C Minutes- May 2014

May 22, 2014

Category: Miller C&C Minutes

Miller C&C Minutes- May 2014

Miller Civic & Commerce Minutes

May 15, 2014 – On Hand Development Office


The regular meeting of the Miller Civic & Commerce Association was called to order by President Greg Palmer at 12:02 pm.  Members present were Greg Palmer, Amber Werdel, Nancy Lewellen, Joe Beranek, Katie Eschenbaum and Leah Baloun, Shar Ruhnke Steve Schumacher, and Daryn Pederson. Also present was OHDC Assistant Director Kecia Beranek and OHDC Executive Director Amy Howard.

Miller C&C President Greg Palmer welcomed Steve Schumacher new board member to the board.

Meeting Minutes – motion to approve meeting minutes for April 10, 2014 was made by Amber Werdel. Motion was seconded by Joe Beranek motion carried.

Annual Meeting Minutes- motion to approve the annual meeting minutes was made by Leah Baloun. Motion was seconded by Nancy Lewellen motion carried.

Financials – motion to approve April financials was made by Daryn Pederson. Motion was seconded by Katie Eschenbaum, motion carried. 

“Caught Doing it Right” – no new nominations at this time

1st dollar awards – Cowboy Country Store needs to be rescheduled.

Working Women’s Luncheon – Event was a huge success. 117 women attended the event and everyone paid. The event was under budget and well received by the entire community.  

4th of July – Katie and Amber reported that over half the tickets have been sold. They will be selling tickets at Tucker’s on Sunday, May 25th.  Direct mailers are going out this week.

 City-Wide Rummage- The add is into the press for the City-Wide Rummage sale taking place on Saturday, June 7th. Kecia will handle all of the maps and get them to the gas stations.  

Summer Crazy Days- Event is set for Saturday, July 26th. Daryn is heading up the event this year and will be working with Kecia on details.  

Annual Meeting- Greg asked the board if the annual meeting is something that they would like to proceed with in the future because of such low involvement with the Miller C&C directory. The board will bring up this topic at the next meeting.

Sign for the Community Center- Greg Palmer reported that Curt Joy had talked to him about a sign for the new community center because people can no longer put the signs on Main Street. Greg asked Kecia to look into a short-term sign for the Community Center to be bought by the C&C. Amy reported that On Hand doesn’t want any fundraising to start for a new sign because the Community Center will be doing a fundraising campaign very soon.

By-Laws- Greg asked Kecia if she would look into the C&C by-laws. After being unable to find any, Greg and the rest of the C&C board will start the process of new by-laws. Kecia will draft up something, get them to the entire board.

On-Hand Updates – Amy updated everyone that the On Hand board voted to donate up to $1,000 to the fireworks fund if they don’t sell all of their tickets. She also updated everyone on the feed lot and would like to see support from the Miller C&C board if this issues comes up again.

Meeting adjourned at 12:59 pm